About me

I am Juanjo Aguililla. I am a Spanish developer who lives and works in Madrid.

I work for a dot com company and also I develop open source software. Mainly I write code in Java, though I learnt to program in C/C++. Now I am starting to use less mainstream languages such as Scala and Groovy.

My interest in software development bore because of video games (I hope one day I will develop one myself). But professionally I have been working in database and desktop applications (though I have done some mobile and frontend developments also).

I am a fellow Linux user (Android in my mobile and Arch Linux in my desktop), but I also use Windows at work (and when I have to fix buddie's computers).

When I am not coding, I enjoy playing Basketball (I am an Estudiantes supporter), practice Karate and travel whenever I can.

You can find me in the following places:

About this site

Here, I will write about programming, technology, the development industry, and life (after all technology is all about solving life's problems)

I will write in english to reach the broadest audience (most spanish developers know english) probably only my mom will read me, but who knows.

To develop this site I have chosen the Jekyll blog engine as it allows me to handle the blog pretty much like the code (using Markdown and Git). For the comments Jekyll provides Disqus support.

For the site development I used the several external resources (thanks to their authors). You can check them in the readme file.

The pages are hosted in Github. Thanks for supporting developers and Open Source Software! Some resources are served from Bootstrap CDN and Cloudflare's free CDN thanks to them also!

To know more about the development of the blog, you can check "the making of" and the readme.

If you like to take this site as a base for yours, you can fork it on Github.